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[Bathroom Reading] AFC West reign to be questioned in Week 10 match-up

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[Bathroom Reading] AFC West reign to be questioned in Week 10 match-up Empty [Bathroom Reading] AFC West reign to be questioned in Week 10 match-up

Post by QDaManQ on Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:45 pm

It hasn't taken long (only 12 years) but the Oakland Raiders mantra of "Just win baby!" has seemingly come back to town as they sit atop the AFC West with a 7-1 record.

What isn't surprising, however, is that the division is heavily contested by the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers who are nipping at the heels of the dominant team. "It's terrifying knowing that a single mistake in this upcoming game could knock us off top." -Derek Carr

You heard that right, the San Diego Chargers (7-1), who are enjoying their bye week, are going to be watching their computer monitors for the score of the inner-divisional game between the Raiders and the 6-2 Denver Broncos.

"If we lose this game, we'll be seeing a 3-way tie for the king of the AFC West." -Head Coach Baconator

The Oakland Raiders have only suffered one loss, and that was following the bye week when Derek Carr was fatally injured with a broken thumb in the second drive of the game. Backup Quarterback Matt McGloin stepped in, having an incredible touchdown-to-interception ratio of -3.

McGloin did well enough to keep the Raiders atop the West, going 2-0 while starting against the Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns. But he was quickly forgotten when Derek Carr made his return against the Seattle Seahawks, putting on a show that he was become well known for in a 33-6 victory.

But the past is in the past, as the Denver Broncos are hungry to get back on top of the division, with their 6-2 record. One of those wins coming from a nail-biting victory over the San Diego Chargers last week.

But if the Oakland Raiders can pull out a victory this week, they'll be facing a well-rested Chargers coming off their bye week. Regardless, these next two games will be the deciding factor for the Oakland Raiders, as they'll have to prove that they want to be the best.

And you can certainly bet the Chargers will be sitting at their computer monitors, watching the scores of this inner-divisional matchup to see where they stack up going into Week 11


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