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[Bathroom Reading] Carr's return, and Baconator's gameplan for Seahawks game in Week 9

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[Bathroom Reading] Carr's return, and Baconator's gameplan for Seahawks game in Week 9

Post by QDaManQ on Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:52 am

Raiders fans can rest easy now, Derek Carr has returned from his injury just in time for the epic clash with the 6-1 Seattle Seahawks.

After leading the Oakland Raiders to 4-0, Derek Carr was quickly injured in the game following the bye week, lending the starting position to the only back-up quarterback; Matt McGloin.

"The dude sucks d*ck." Coach The Baconator speculated on the second year quarterback, after going 2-0 as a starter. "He threw so many interceptions, I thought for sure he was being paid off at the beginning of our games."

With 2 TD passes, and eight interceptions in his two games as a starter (We'll ignore those three against San Diego when he took over...) Matt McGloin was quickly earning thunderous "boo"s from fans.

"I feel like he belongs on the Women's NBA team for Oakland... Is there one?" -Casual WNBA viewer.

But now, after his impressive rookie start of 4-0, Derek Carr returns from his injury with a colossus of an opponent.

"My goal is to make sure we get more points than the other team, and that just might help us win this thing."

"Oh yeah, the trick to beating Seattle is to make sure they don't score points. If you get more points than them, then you'll win. If you take the ball away from them, then they can't score. We're going to try and throw the ball for touchdowns, we're going to try and run the ball for touchdowns, and if it's a fourth and long situation on their side of the field... Well... We're going to kick field goals."

It's a noble strategy that has placed them atop the AFC West, but the real question is; Is Derek Carr going to be rusty coming off his injury? And if so, is it possible that they'll put McGloin in, who somehow found a way to win against the Cleveland Browns in Week 8 with a hail mary touchdown, ten seconds left in the game.

"Hell to the no!" -Coach Baconator


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