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[Bathroom Reading] Raiders' Bright Future

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[Bathroom Reading] Raiders' Bright Future Empty [Bathroom Reading] Raiders' Bright Future

Post by QDaManQ on Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:50 am

It's no mystery around the NFL that the Oakland Raiders are one of the worst teams around, finishing with a less than exceptional record of 4-12 two seasons in a row. But with newly hired coach Pimp Daddy, and the two wins under his size 50 belt, the Raiders might be looking at an amazing turn-around year.

"We could possibly go 6-10, if we keep our heads on straight."

The controversy surrounding Dennis Allen's previous decision to take Matt Schaub from the Texans and start him, is now being overshadowed by Pimp Daddy's decision to "Start the Carr" (The coach swears that he created this saying.)

Derek Carr's astounding amount of touchdown passes in his first two games is already proving that he may belong in the league. And his attitude is something to brag about, really.

When he was first told he was starting, he proudly said "Yay, I'm starting this week!"

But with the game's engine already having taken Maurice Jones-Drew out of the season for three weeks, and its love for injuring Raiders players, can the team stay healthy enough to achieve their ambitious goal of 6-10?

Time will only tell when Derek Carr and the Raiders face the Patriots in Week 3.

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[Bathroom Reading] Raiders' Bright Future Empty Re: [Bathroom Reading] Raiders' Bright Future

Post by Qroze on Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:24 am

Good work. Hilarious Lol

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