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[League] Steelers GameDay Availibility

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[League] Steelers GameDay Availibility Empty [League] Steelers GameDay Availibility

Post by EdibleZs on Mon Sep 01, 2014 8:58 pm

So glad that the season has started.

Anyway, my work schedule is normally 8am-6pm Monday thru Thursday...Friday if there's a holiday or a rainout.

If no holiday or rainout, my weekends are normally open, except for Steeler games.
Sure I have kids, but they'll be fine without me for a few hours.

The above hours are in effect from now until I get laid off, which is about Christmas.
Ain't that some shit?

You can text me (412-330-8319) to set up a game, but I need to have it started by 10pm Eastern most nights.  And I can usually start playing 7pm.  

I just want to be sure the kids homework is finished; not correct.  They got to get some things wrong or else they'll expect a trophy just for brushing their teeth.

Hope this helps you all out and have a great season or 6!

To add to this confusion, I am now a Robert Morris hockey season ticket holder.  I will NOT be available for these dates after 6pm East.   This means the latest I can start playing is 5 pm East.  Thanks.


11/14, 11/15

12/05, 12/06
12/29, 12/30 (start time might be 4:30)

1/09, 1/10
1/16, 1/17

2/06, 2/07


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